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Description of “The Commuter Pod” Cartoon Write the Webisode Contest Procedures
Step 1: Participants are asked to watch the 30-second pilot of “The Commuter Pod” at This is so participants can become familiar with the style of the cartoon animation and some of the animated characters. A number counter is provided as part of the playback and participants can hit the pause button to freeze a frame so that you can ponder the beginning storyline covered in the pilot webisode of “The Commuter Pod.”
"The Commuter Pod"
Frame Capture of “The Commuter Pod” Pilot Webisode
Step 2: Participants are then required to read and agree to “The Commuter Pod” Cartoon Write the Next Webisode Official Contest Rules in order to continue with your storyline submission and to continue any further with the entry process for the Contest.
Step 3: Click on Guidelines and follow these Guidelines for Submitting your Storyline. Entries that do not comply with the Rules as well as these Guidelines are subject to disqualification.
Step 4: It is recommended that you double check that the members of “The Commuter Pod” are included in the storyline you have developed. The current cast members are:
As well as other current cast members that can be found by clicking Meet the Cast.
Step 5: It is the policy of the sponsor, Mentorography, Inc., to require the signing of a storyline submission release before considering any storyline, material, ideas, proposals, marketing or promotional plans, program formats, literary material, videos and musical compositions. Please click on Submission Release and in order for your submission to be considered read carefully through this agreement and if you are in agreement:
  1. Print out the agreement here and fill in all the requested information which includes:
    1. You signature
    2. Your name
    3. Your address including city, state and zip code
    4. Your e-mail address
    5. Your phone number
    6. Only if applicable, the signature of your one writing partner, their printed name, address, phone number and e-mail address
    7. A summary of your storyline
Once you have completed filling in the above information and if applicable your writing partner has completed filling in their information then either scan your signed agreement and e-mail it back to: or submit your signed agreement via fax to: 310-388-1418.
Step 6: Submit the storyline you developed for “The Commuter Pod” Write the Next Webisode Contest by clicking on: Submit Storyline. Please keep in mind that your storyline should be able to be produced into a 30-second webisode. A sample 30-second storyline of the pilot webisode of “The Commuter Pod” can be viewed by clicking on: Sample Storyline or going to:
Wishing every participant the best of luck,
The Mentorography Team