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Please read through “The Commuter Pod” Cartoon Write the Next Webisode Contest (the “Contest”) Official Rules (the “Rules”) carefully. By submitting a storyline to the Contest, participants are thereby agreeing to comply with and be bound by the Rules. Please also note that any storyline submission that does not comply with the Rules is subject to disqualification.
Terms for Storyline Submission Contest:
Mentorography, Inc. is the sponsor (the “Sponsor”) producing the Contest and the sole corporation responsible for the Rules of the Contest. Entry into the Contest is available at: (the “Site”).
Terms for Eligibility for Participation in this Contest:
The Contest is a skills-based writing competition that is open to participants submitting storylines between the dates of April 7, 2007-August 9, 2007. The judging of the submitted storylines will take place from August 10, 2007 through August 15, 2007 and the winner will be announced on September 15, 2007 and the name of the winner will be listed on the website The Sponsor reserves the right to cancel the Contest when and if it deems appropriate, including, without limitation because of an attack of the Site by a computer hacker, computer virus, or other technical problem that corrupts the administration, security or proper functioning of this Contest and/or a act of nature or an act of violence that causes damage impacting the production of the Contest and or unforeseeable event that would have catastrophic consequences on the production of the Contest. Should any of these events occur causing a cancellation of the Contest prior to the final date of entry on or prior to August 9, 2007, notice will be posted on the Site. All decisions regarding the Contest will be solely decided upon by the Sponsor.
All participants must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of one of the fifty United States or the District of Columbia. Every member of a team (teams are limited to two (2) members at the most) must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of one of the fifty United States or the District of Columbia. The Sponsor will require each writer that is selected as a finalist to provide a notarized copy of a valid identification documenting that they are 18 years of age or older and that they are a resident of one of the United States or the District of Columbia. If the notary public requires payment for providing the notarized services the Sponsor will pay these fees in advance of the selected finalist obtaining the notarized services. In the case that the winner of the Contest is comprised of a team of two (2) writers, the total amount of the prize money will be divided equally amongst each member of the team.
Each participant can only enter the Contest once. If any participants enter the Contest more then once the second entry and any additional entries will be disqualified.
Residents of Puerto Rico are not eligible to participate in the Contest. Void where prohibited. Storyline submissions are required to be submitted in English.
Employees, independent contractors and/or vendors of the Sponsor, its affiliates, subsidiaries, employees, agents or other representatives of any kind and their immediate families are not eligible to enter the Contest.
The Sponsor and the Contest will not accept storyline submissions that are adaptations of any other literary material including, but not limited to, adaptations of books, plays, poems, songs, television programs, movies, or short stories, whether written by the participant or not and whether previously produced or published or not.
Storyline submissions are only eligible if the storyline is an original work by the participant or a participating team for the express and only purpose of the Contest.
Storyline submissions are not eligible if the storyline is based in part or in entirety on a true story either from a historical or current day perspective and or contains mention of any actual person who is currently alive or previously lived.
The Sponsor requires and expects that participants will utilize the characters and the theme of the pilot that is available for viewing on the Site in their storyline submissions. However, the Sponsor is the sole owner of these characters and the pilot and as such, the Sponsor reserves all rights in the characters and the pilot, whether copyright, trademark or patent or other intellectual property rights in all media now known or hereafter devised in all territories and in perpetuity. In consideration for the Sponsor’s agreement to review the participant’s storyline submission, each storyline submission becomes the property of the Sponsor upon being uploaded to the Site and will not be returned. In consideration of and as a condition to the eligibility of each new storyline submission under the Rules, each participant hereby agrees that all storylines, materials, ideas, writing and other property, whether or not copyrightable, created or adapted by the participant, whether alone or in conjunction with any other person, arising out of or, created in connection with a storyline submission shall be a “work made for hire” for the Sponsor within the meaning of the United States Copyright laws, and as such the sole exclusive property of the Sponsor. To the extent that the foregoing is insufficient to grant the Sponsor all rights in and to the storyline submission, each participant assigns, transfers, and conveys, exclusively to the Sponsor, effective upon submission of the storyline to the Site, all right, title, and interest of any kind whatsoever, in and to the entry submitted from the participant and or participant’s team, including any and all copyrights thereto (and the exclusive right to register copyrights) related to the storyline submission. Further, each participant assigns, transfers and conveys any know-how, methodologies and processes, discoveries, and innovations conceived by the participant in connection with or related to the storyline submission that may be the subject of a patent or trade secret or any other intellectual property right.
Once you have submitted a storyline to the Contest, under no circumstances will the Sponsor accept substitutions of new drafts or corrected pages to your storyline submission entry. Each participant is eligible only for one entry with no revisions to that entry.
The Sponsor is also under no circumstances responsible in any manner for storyline submissions that are lost, stolen, or damaged while submitting your entry online, and the Sponsor will not be returning storylines once they have been submitted.
Warranty Statement and Release
By submitting a storyline, each participant warrants and represents that the participant and an additional team member, if applicable, are the sole authors and creators of the storyline submission and that the participants have not previously assigned such intellectual property rights or any portion thereof to any other person, that the participant’s entry does not violate any applicable law and that the storyline submission does not infringe or violate any intellectual property right held by any third person. The Sponsor warrants and represents that it does not intend to use any of the material in non-winning submissions covered by this clause unless the Sponsor has paid the submitting participant fair compensation for the creation of the material to be negotiated between the parties in good faith.
Participants in the Contest release and hold harmless the Sponsor, Mentorography, Inc., the Contest judges, any of the Contest’s sponsoring companies and all sponsors’ respective directors, officers, employees, attorneys and other agents or representatives for damages or losses of any kind arising out of or resulting from participation in the Contest, acceptance or use of a prize or any other matter related to the Contest, including, but not limited to, claims based on property damage, violation of intellectual property rights, personal injury and/ or death, publicity rights, taxes or other duties, defamation or invasions of privacy or any other claims.
The prize that the winning participant(s) receive(s) is not transferable and no substitutions are permitted, except at the discretion of the Sponsor.
The winner(s) is responsible for filing and paying taxes associated with the cash payment for the writing contract of the storyline submission entry. The Sponsor is not responsible for withholding any taxes or payments to any government agency, at any level, be it state, local or federal. A 1099 will be provided prior to February 1, 2008 to the winner for use in the winners’ tax return.
The Sponsor of the Contest reserves the right not to award the prize if no storyline submission meets the criteria outlined in the Contest guidelines that are available on the Site or if the judges deem that no worthy storyline submission entry has been provided.
In the event of a dispute as to the identity of any winner based on an email address, the winning entry will be declared made by the authorized account holder of the email address submitted at time of entry.
Entries submitted by an automated computer instead of by a person are not permitted and will be disqualified.
Decisions of the Contest judges are final and may not for any reason be disputed.
All participants are required to sign a submission release which is available on the Site (the “Submission Release”), which includes a publicity release if the participant should be chosen as the winner.
Odds of Winning:
The odds of winning this skills-based contest depend upon the total number of entries received and the skill level of each participant in writing a storyline.
Once the Sponsor has successfully received:
  1. Your signed Submission Release fully filled out and signed by each participant of your team (up to 2 members) faxed to: 310/388-1418 or an e-mailed scanned copy to:
  2. Your Storyline Submission including all required contact information.
participants will be notified of receipt by e-mail only (within one week of your submittal). In the event that no notice of receipt of your submission is received, send an email to and include your name, address, phone number and title of your storyline submission. If your email address and/or home address changes please notify the Contest at The Sponsor is not responsible for entries that are submitted with inaccurate or outdated contact information. If the Sponsor is unable to reach a participant this will automatically disqualify the submitted storyline from the Contest. The Sponsor will make every effort to reach the participant including contacting the participant via the telephone and e-mail address that was provided at least twice.
Privacy Policy
The Sponsor adheres to a strict confidentially policy. We do not share your contact information with anyone for any reason with the exception that the winner will be publicized as the winner of the storyline submission program. All participants in the Contest acknowledge and agree that they will allow and participate with the Sponsor to publicize their name and likeness with regard to their winning the Contest and their storyline as the winning entry.
The privacy policy for and can be found at the bottom of these web sites.