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“The Commuter Pod”
30 Second Demo Pilot Initial Script
“How to Upset Corporate America One Commuter at a Time”
Wide angle shot of Winston seated at his desk in his office cubicle surrounded by a small task force of evictors- the boss, an embarrassed looking CEO, a security guard- and the boss holding in one hand an empty cardboard box and a sheet of paper in the other. In this opening scene you are able to see above Winston’s head the clock on his office cubicle wall at 4:59 p.m. and a small sign on the wall that says, “Winston’s Cubicle Crib.” The boss extends his arm handing Winston a sheet of paper.
Winston Reads Firing Memo
Winston fingers on the sides of the memo are the only body part seen as the majority of the screen is a close up of the memo which reads:
Winston, you are fired effective immediately.
Bye Bye.
Winston Chokes on Exhaust As He Leaves Building
Wide angle shot of Winston standing in an alley strewn with garbage as he has just exited the sky rise in downtown Cleveland that houses the Cleveland Licorice and Confections’ Corporation and the back door can be seen in the background closing. Winston is clutching the cardboard box and the clock that was on his wall and the “Winston’s Cubicle Crib” sign can be seen partially sticking out of the box. He takes only one step in the alley street when suddenly a very large Oil & Gas Truck with the front license plate displaying the words Oil & Ga$ largely displayed on the side of the truck and the back license plate is the skull and bones’ symbol goes by Winston spewing a dark cloud of exhaust in the trucks’ wake. Winston begins coughing on the exhaust cloud that engulfs him.
Winston Daydreams
Medium shot of Winston looking pensively toward where the oil and gas truck had been (the exhaust cloud is gone) as an illuminated light bulb shape forms over his head with the following words and image inside the idea light bulb.
Alternative Energy Solution: The Commuter Pod!! How to Upset Corporate America One Commuter at a Time. . .
[Sample drawing was provided.]
Close up on The Commuter Pod image only and then the screen transitions into a wide angle which shows The Commuter Pod image rolling along down a peaceful Cleveland suburban road with Winston happily at the wheel and the sky is crystal blue and the sun is shining brightly overhead.
Suddenly a dark cloud obscures the sun overhead and approaching is the Oil and Gas truck headed for what appears will surely be a head on collision with Winston as he drives The Commuter pod!
Then Cut to the closing screen that has the StartupTime logo hot linked to and reads:
"The Commuter Pod"
To Be Continued . . .